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Need for notified body?

DATE: 2014-11-12 17:40:15 READ:363

Need for notified body?

Before proceeding with the assessment procedure, it is important to determine whether you, the manufacturer, can assess your product by yourself or if you have to involve a Notified Body.

A Notified Body verifies the compliance of a product with the Directive by conducting a conformity assessment. Depending on the use or not of harmonised European standards and the potential pressure hazard determined by the total energetic content of the vessels - determined by the product of PS (pressure) and V (volume) - appropriate conformity assessment procedures are defined in the Directive.

A Notified Body verifies the compliance of a product by conducting a conformity assessment. It also ensures that the technical documentation sufficiently supports product compliance. If the Notified Body is involved in the production control phase, its identification number will follow the CE marking.

If the product is in compliance with the directive, the Notified body will issue a certificate to confirm this. The manufacturer will then draw up the Declaration of Conformity (DoC) to declare on their sole responsibility conformity of the product to the relevant Directives. The establishment of the DoC is a legal obligation.

The Declaration of Conformity must include the manufacturer’s details such as name and address, essential characteristics the product complies with, any European standards and performance data and the identification number of the Notified Body as well as a legally binding signature on behalf of the organisation. For further details please consult the specific Directive.

To find the Notified Bodies appointed by the Member States to carry out conformity assessment, please refer to NANDO – the New Approach Notified and Designated Organisations database. You can search for Notified Bodies by Directive or by country via the NANDO homepage.